Myeli: The Deadly Calligrapher

An action-packed novel available on AMAZON

I grew up in Singapore in a very traditional Chinese household, where boys were treasured but female children were considered to be of little value.

After I moved to England and had my memoir published, I believed I had fulfilled my writing aspirations. Years later I decided to write a story about a young girl who uses her extraordinary talent for combat in the pursuit of justice and retribution.

I live in London, where I spend my time writing, and enjoying the company of the wildlife feeding in my garden.


Young Myeli emigrates with her parents and members of the Chrysanthemum Society from China to Malaya, a British colony. The society brings with them some of the lost treasure of the First Emperor of China, Shih Huang Ti, treasure which long ago had been entrusted to their ancestors for safekeeping.

The society builds a new life in Malaya unaware that Jen Man Chu, a bitter and highly dangerous man who had spent decades roaming China in search of the lost treasure, has tracked them down.

In order to steal the treasure, Jen schemes to become head of the society and manages to inveigle himself into the confidence of their ageing leader, Master Li, who is fooled into anointing him as his successor.

Jen is about to assume control of the society when his position is contested by Myeli’s brother, Kwai. As he ponders on how to get rid of the upstart challenger he crosses path with Carl Morgan, the governor of a prison colony for insurgents.

Carl Morgan had two reasons for establishing his prison on a remote island in the Andaman Sea: the first was his discovery of emeralds on the island, and the second was the opportunity it gave him to fulfil his darkest desires: enemies of the state have no rights or privileges under colonial rule, and he’d offer the inmates’ wives, girlfriends and daughters quid-pro-quo arrangements where the more they gratified him, the less harshly he’d punish their loved ones. Unbeknown to his victims was the end point – they’d be strangled to death when he tired of them.

At a Christmas party Morgan first sets eyes on Xenia, Kwai’s stunning fiancée and childhood sweetheart. More than any woman he’s ever craved after, he wants her. Nothing is going to stop him from getting his hands on her. Jen, seeing Morgan’s lust, devises a plan to lure Xenia to the governor's island by imprisoning Kwai. Not only would this get rid of the irritant in his path to the leadership of the Chrysanthemum Society, it would also put Morgan in his debt.

Jen bribes the head of the Internal Security Department, James Pennyfellow, to charge Kwai with sedition; a crime punishable by hard labour on Morgan’s prison island.

Just when he thought the path was clear to ascend to the leadership of the society and secure the treasure, Jen receives another challenge – this time from Myeli. No one outside of Myeli’s closest circle knows of her prowess as a martial artist, and believing her to be just a calligrapher he considers it a loss of face to be seen in public beating up a teenaged girl half his size. He decides to get rid of her before the contest, and to ensure her murder won’t lead back to him he outsources the hit to Ninja. The ninja sneaks in at night and in a furious but inconclusive battle between Japanese katana and Chinese jian, Myeli dispossesses him of Bringer of Death, the ancient sword of his ancestors.

Myeli then turns her attention to her remaining adversaries: Jen Man Chu and the powerful Carl Morgan.